SOME.TIME.SALON is an immersive interaction with art that exists in a liminal zone between gallery, art advisory, and event space: An art installation in a Victorian flat sets the scene for delicious catered dinners, workshops, and events in the company of artists and curious minds. The Salon is an intimate gathering space for those who are interested to learn about and engage with art. A place to drop by on a Wednesday evening and enjoy hospitality, the beauty of art, a glass of wine, stimulating conversation, and to build lasting connections with artists. The Salon is all about the people who create some time to engage with it.

Please email for a viewing appointment/address.

Duboce Triangle | SAN FRANCISCO, CA | 94114




Anna Nearburg is driven by the desire to support emerging artists through engaging and guiding collectors. She is an independent curator and dealer of emerging and secondary market works. She welcomes clients interested in building a new collection, expanding an existing collection, or those in need of help with collection management and guidance.

Nearburg has years of experience in museums, galleries and auction houses covering a broad range of responsibilities: curation, sales, event planning, art installation, development, public relations, and client services. Résumé includes tenure at: Bonhams Auctioneers (San Francisco, CA), BravinLee Programs (New York, NY), The Hood Museum of Dartmouth (Hanover, NH), Phillips (New York, NY), RH Gallery (New York, NY), Talley Dunn Contemporary (Dallas, TX), The Whitney Museum of American Art (New York, NY).