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  • SOME.TIME.SALON 91 Walter St San Francisco, CA, 94114 USA (map)

Ziemann utilizes paint, fragments of paper, and utilitarian materials such as plastic sheeting, staples, and tape to create collages whose malleable forms seemingly extend beyond the picture plane. Placing shapes until patterns begin to emerge, Ziemann’s process tests the elasticity of his materials, resulting in compositions that have been built up and broken down into refined chaos. Jake weaves themes through the paper by repetition of form and color - similar shapes cut and transmuted between the works, outlines sprayed, colors predominated.

Titles such as falling, irresolute and mimetic bring the drawings to life, jumping off the page as visual utterances. They are Jake’s attempt to provide tangible form to his relationships - to document the story between these surfaces, their physical contexts, and the personal experiences that informed their creation.

As a whole, Ziemann often sees each constructed image as a depiction of a three-dimensional object – a perceptual shift that he translates into hand-held, ceramic objects. Vibrantly painted and cartoonish in demeanor, his sculptures anthropomorphically flop and fold, referencing the body. At times, his ceramic forms interact with mundane, found objects, a gesture that symbolically nods to the nuances in personal relationships, suggesting a longing for connection and romance.