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Carolyn Janssen: "I" that I know at SPRING/BREAK Art Show

Carolyn Janssen: "I" that I know at SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York, NY

Works available here through April 30th. Contact for sales post April 30th.

Anna Nearburg brings an installation by LA-based Carolyn Janssen to SPRING/BREAK Art Show featuring a brand new 3 x 26' wallpaper and prints on paper.

Adopting the sprawl of the historic landscape, Carolyn Janssen creates mural-sized digital works that exist as photographic and painterly hybrids. Framed as psychedelic Photoshop objects, these images feature über-universes that reference the sublime landscape, digital kitsch, miniaturized science fiction tableaus, and religious morality tales. Built from personal snapshots, each scene develops mark by mark, as individual objects become brushstrokes. She manipulates Photoshop the same way a painter might the inherent qualities of paint—saturating, abusing, and “anointing” in order to achieve a hyper-superficial, incredibly detailed, texturized surface. Populating these worlds are figures engaging in ritualistic narratives and mini-dramas, creating uncanny and fetishized scenes that examine the blurred borders of gender, desire, and materiality.

In "I" that I know, Janssen performs for the camera, posing and transforming herself from female to male, from gendered body to art object. She undoes the rules of femininity as taught by a conservative, religious upbringing. Hinting at the double life led by many LGBTQ individuals, she recalls the duplicity and divided-self of Dorian Gray. Her bodily metamorphosis as documented in the work offers her vulnerability to the viewer, the body prostrate in service to art. Yet, as much as the physical body is present, the autobiographical nature of the work is more subtle, read between the lines, drenched in fantasy. In the tradition of Cindy Sherman, Janssen hides in plain sight. She creates escape routes from the banalities of life and the trauma of the past, bundling them into maniacal landscapes. She flaunts Wilde’s words, the artist revealing herself along with the beauty and sin of the flesh.

Carolyn Janssen lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She received her BFA at Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA at The University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill. She has exhibited widely at Quinta del Sordo (Madrid), Julie Saul Gallery (New York), North Carolina Museum of Art (Raleigh), Minnesota Street Project (San Francisco), Essex Flowers (New York), Patan Museum (Kathmandu), among others.

PREVIEW DAY:  Tuesday February 28, 2017
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