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The Stealing Bodies

The Stealing Bodies

Ellie Hunter

Opens August 31st 6 - 9 PM

On view by appointment through October 29th

In ‘The Stealing Bodies,’ Ellie Hunter creates a transformative installation playing with a dichotomy between individuality and institutionalism. Hunter’s work builds upon Sara Ahmed’s assertion that “the personal is institutional.”* The central piece in the show is a sterile, tiled platform fused with a soft and varied anthropomorphic form. In this flattening of surface and subject, the work reacts to the ways in which we simultaneously conform to and imprint upon our built environments. 

The homogenous landscapes of our disciplinary institutions present specific paths of interaction, undermining opportunities for difference and individualized experience.** Our bodies’ interaction is rarely aligned with the predetermined usage and ergonomics of mass architecture. As the technologies and spaces that govern our bodies entangle themselves with our physicality, Hunter investigates her own place within these environments.

The location of Some Time Salon within a home further blurs the boundaries between personal, institutional, alienating and comforting. The work injects intimacy and vulnerability into a coded, sterile environment, examining the paradox of contemporary embodiment.

Hunter recently completed a MFA in Sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is the cofounder of the project space The Sunroom, and has an upcoming show at VOX Populi in Philadelphia.  

* Ahmed’s revision of the phrase “the personal is political” ** Hunter’s thinking was influenced by “Bodies-Cities” by Elizabeth Grosz, in Sexuality and Space edited by Beatriz Colomina

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Later Event: October 13