ON view

The Stealing Bodies, Ellie Hunter, August 31st 2017


Staccato, Kate Bonner, Lauren Clay, Sean Talley & Rachel Eulena Williams, June - August 2017

The other line, Daniel Gibson & Bruna Massadas

I that "I" know, Carolyn Janssen at SPRING/BREAK Art Show

Reliquary, Dana Harel & Colette Robbins


Cavity, Brian Rochefort & Sarah Ann Weber

October Salon at Under the Willow, Micah Ganske, Elllie Hunter, Carolyn Janssen, Nando Alvarez Perez, Jacolby Satterwhite

The Earth Rolls From Under, Rachelle Reichert

The guests have already arrived, Dabbs Anderson

This matriarchy, Timo Fahler & May Wilson

Cadavre Exquis, Dana Nearburg & Lauren A Toomer


Mary Button Durell

Art on Paper, Miami: Kari Cholnoky, Auggie Oz, Jake Ziemann,

Jake Ziemann

Hannah Rothstein

August Oz

Colette Robbins

Bryon Christman