In her own words: "Hannah Rothstein creates. Born with a contagious can-do attitude, Hannah doesn't believe artists should have to limit themselves to one medium. So, she makes paintings, illustrations, jewelry, murals, carefully crafted copy, and a whole lot of good, clean trouble.

Hannah's work focuses on finding clever and humorous ways to look at ordinary objects and ideas. In doing so, she hopes to add Godzilla-sized amounts of joy to others' days.

Currently living in San Francisco, Hannah spends a lot time of biking, climbing, karaoke-ing up a storm, telling stories, wearing costumes, spouting puns, and talking to strangers."

In addition to works from her puns, Thanksgiving, and superhero series, SOME.TIME.SALON will be presenting Hannah's new series, Phoenixes:

"Beauty is often born of difficulty. This series explores that concept—how wisdom comes from the hardship of heartbreak, growth from tests of tenacity. Sometimes, we must break something down in order to create a more interesting, complex, creative whole.

Each collage began in a meticulously hand-watercolored and -inked sheet of paper. Once completed, this patterned paper was cut into shapes, a process which bordered on painful due to the attachment I already felt to the painting. From the resulting ashes, these collages were born."